Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Great British Barber Bash

Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

Today we are in London for the biggest Great British Barber Bash to date! Today Hackney will be taken over by some of the best barbers in the world and the TCXHD team are lucky enough to be part of the event! 
The Lions Barber Collective will have a stand and we will be spreading the word and raising awareness for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health to around 500+ barbers at the Wringer & Mangle and I can't wait!

I will also be doing some work for the upcoming Barber Portal, I am hoping to catch a few barbers and interview them for the intriguing virtual reality based barbering channel. I will have a 360 degree VR camera which will allow the viewer to watch the interview as if they are in the room with us! Along with these interviews we will be getting some content in 180 POV VR and 4K GoPro footage which we will compile into an all round interactive experience for the great event!

Tomorrow I will be holding a class at Phab Wholesale in Exeter, It is the first of the year for me and it is always a great day with fantastic students as well as the Phab team. I will also be filming some of the class in VR so you will be able to get a taster into what goes on in a TCXHD education day!

Anyway Id better get ready as we have to go and set up the lions stand and get prepared for the big day ahead!!!


Sunday, 12 February 2017

BBC Radio Pause For Thought

Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

This week has been quite an eventful one! It all started on Monday morning with a trip to the BBC Studios in Plymouth where I was invited to record this past weeks Pause For Thought. It was an honour to be asked to do this as it seemed all previous guests were all well respected and intelligent people, only God knows why they asked me! I was a little nervous being on live radio and also about what i had written for each, would it be good enough? These seven stories were played out every morning this week at 6:20am and are now available on the BBC Radio Devon iPlayer, if you'd like to listen back. I have also put all the stories here below.

Tuesday I was again early and on my way to the National Suicide Prevention conference at The Oval cricket ground. This was obviously for my role as Founder of The Lions Barber Collective and was also a little out of my comfort zone. There was a huge room of tables full of professionals and charities in this area of work and not a single barber or pair of clippers in sight! We listened to a couple of speakers, one of which, MP Norman Lamb was absolutely amazing and inspiring. Then it was time for Gerry and myself to give our seminar/workshop. We had a box of our own looking over the wicket in which we were presenting. The room filled up fast and some of the crowd included The Samaritans, who were live tweeting our session and Movember Foundation who wanted to learn a lot about us and what we are doing. I feel that it went well and our time went by incredibly fast. After the workshop we interacted with a lot of great people form around the country and made great connections to move The Lions Barber Collective forward. 

Also this week, Gerry and Sean, who are trustees for The Lions Barber Collective have headed to Dubai for the World Government Summit! They should have arrived by now but I am awaiting contact to see how it is all going, I cannot wait to hear from them and see the photos!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm off to spend time with the family (Y) 


Pause for Thought
Surely this is something we all have, something we maybe should all have? Especially considering that it is the beginning of a new fresh year, 2017 is only 37 days old and a new years resolution can already be long forgotten by now. 
At work i am lucky enough to meet and talk to many people of all ages and backgrounds on a daily basis, I have developed into a kind of social chameleon, adapting to whoever i am with, by listening to and learning from them. 
However it has been to my surprise that when conversing with a huge majority about goals and plans for 2017 they seemed to have none, nor had they even considered it. One person who i have known for some time seemed to have little motivation and no vision into their own future at all, other than the day to day routine of going to work at a job they didn't like, to receive a wage they weren't happy with and no where to progress within their current organisation. 
When i asked about their aspirations and goals there seemed to be none, when i asked “what is your dream? no matter how crazy, what would you love to do?” there was a silence. They replied “that is quite hard when you are actually asked”. This made me feel devastated that a young person of 21 didn't seem to have a dream, let alone a goal or even a resolution.
 “What are your interests, hobbies or loves? You could do something to do with any of them? Today we are so connected globally you could start a niche business in YOUR interest from your own bedroom!” i said.
I hoped this may have sparked something in them when there was a reply “ Id never thought about it like that before”
We are so lucky to live in a world today were we have so many opportunities that the generations before us did not have and i believe goal setting can get you on route to achieving your dreams. My Action Day planner states the up to 97% of people do not set goals which seems like too many, Decide what you want, this is your direction, now set yourself goals to reach your destination and you may be surprised how quickly you reach each one.
Im looking forward to seeing this particular client for their next appointment.

So there i was, stood in a crowd, turning away from the point of focus and staring into the faces of those who gathered behind me. I saw people singing out loud at` the top of their voice with smiles that their face could barely contain. Grown men with tattoos and beards with a tear in their eye and their excited son or daughter on their shoulders. Everyone in this one place united in happiness by their connection and love for something created by one mans dream. And all this before breakfast!
It is no secret i am a self confessed Disney fan, I love the films, the theme parks, their culture and the man himself. I proposed to my wife on the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster. I had my stag do in Disneyland Paris and we honeymooned in Walt disney World Florida with our first child who has a Disney reference in his name. Needless to say Disney has had a huge Impact on mine and my families life.
On my last visit to Florida all of the magic, escapism and love that surrounded the location was more apparent than ever. I have visited this place ten times now but this was a first with a child of my own. Many have said to me, “once you see it through their eyes you will really appreciate it!” they were right.
It is amazing to me that one mans dream, passion, hard work and no surrender attitude has left such a legacy that can effect so many people in a positive way over 50 years past his death. From bankruptcy to losing his animation team and first successful character to Universal he created Mickey mouse and came up with the idea of a safe, clean place where adults and children could escape the world and have fun together amongst many other firsts. All things he was told he could never do, laughed at and hugely discouraged to even attempt. He was incredible at focusing on his dreams and not the opinions of others around him. I wonder what he could have done with another 10 years if not for his early death.

I spend most my days behind the chair in conversation with many different people from all walks of life. Recently I was told about a childs birthday party, where a game of musical chairs took place. Only they did not remove a single chair, ensuring that each child had a chair of they own, every time the music stopped. 
This made me wonder, why was this necessary? To avoid disappointment, breakdowns or tantrums? When would the game end? Was their a winner and losers? And are we so afraid of failure? 
Contemplating this more, I recalled when I was training to become an assessor and on that course the lecturer said “If the student doesn't pass, they…”
“fail” I thought.
“…set up a scheduled learning plan for the next assessment.” she continued.
What is so wrong with failure and why are we avoiding it with our children and students, because as soon as we are adults failure is common place in most walks of life, and its not a bad thing. 
Have you ever wondered why air travel is the safest form of transport? It all comes down to the black box. The Black Box records all the information between the plane and the air control team as well as the complete sound and dialogue of the cockpit. If there was any mistakes, accidents of god forbid a crash. All that content is available to anybody from any nation to assess, research and investigate, and they do every time. The crew are held accountable and the blame is not shifted to others or avoided all together.
In fact, they see failure as the very best way to learn. Rather than denying their mistakes, blaming others or attempting to spin their way out of trouble, these institutions and individuals interrogate errors as part of their future strategy for success. Which has lead to air travel being incredibly safe and improving all the time. In 2015 there were 560 deaths in air travel, however 374 of these were in deliberate crashes or bombs, meaning only 186 deaths globally were through accidents. Which when considering there are over 88,000 separate passenger flights each day is a staggeringly low percentage. Especially when you consider there are around 585,000 deaths by medical error annually in the USA alone. 
Zig Ziglar always said “Failure is an event, not a person” 


A couple of years ago we lost a young man, an old friend of mine. It was a terrible shock and an incredibly upsetting ordeal. I have never seen a funeral so full of people, love and sadness, there was literally not enough space in the crematorium for all the mourners. At the wake we gathered, old friends that had drifted apart due to family, responsibilities and relocation. While in conversation I mentioned to a small group that we must do something and that we will do something.
Fast forward to September 2015 and this manifested itself in the form of The Lions Barber Collective. While in a conversation on what we would raise money and awareness for with our upcoming photo collection of mens hair cuts by some of the industries finest, Paul Mac, an Irish barber suggested Suicide Prevention.
That was it! I knew nothing about suicide prevention, I wasn't aware of any charity or organisation that existed. Which, as someone effected by such a tragedy I found ridiculous. Also, IF I didn't know about these charities, as a person effected then I was sure there were plenty more people out there in the same posistion. 
This grew rapidly and so did the ideas. It didn't take long to realise that as barbers we have a unique position within society. There is a huge level of trust between a client and their barber, an intimacy of personal space, a friendship which often stays within those walls and time out from the world in a one to one situation, which seems to be becoming a rarity.
Although we are developing our own training programme for barbers and trying to raise awareness to lower the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. The biggest thing that has meant so many people have spoken to me about their mental state and problems is publicly saying that is is OK to talk to me, because of this many old friends, clients both new and old have shared some of their secrets and feelings with me. Often the only skill required is that of non judgemental listening.
 There seems to be a lot of fear and shame surrounding men when opening up about their feelings, maybe people still believe it is a weakness. Last week we had Time to Talk day, Id like to believe that we can talk to one another any day, any time as long as we let each other know, its ok to talk.


In the past 5 years my life has changed an awful lot. I have become a business owner, a husband, a father, an educator, a mentor and even starting a charity. Needless to say I am quite busy and time is a very precious commodity. I am often asked where I “Get the time” ? 
One of the best lessons i have learnt in my 32 years is Time Management. I am not saying i am a master and i am sure there is plenty of wasted time which i could manage more efficiently, however I have achieved more in the last couple of years due to this than anything else. 
The first thing I cut down on was the use of social media and television as a distraction, endless scrolling and watching funny videos while racking up hours and hours of boxset binges with no real benefit or achievement. Now i am not saying TV and the Internet are a bad thing, in fact the complete opposite, they are a library of information and knowledge as well as a form of escapism and relaxation, which is incredibly important for your wellbeing. However if there is a great Ted talk with some fantastic information and facts about mental health or business then i will tend to watch that over some reality TV. Social media is incredibly important to my business and my career as it is a fantastic way to network within my industry as well as share news and promote our team, scrolling endlessly is not. 
Learning to schedule my life and carrying my Action Day Planner journal with me everywhere allows me to keep track of my time and goals from attending the gym each week day before work, to meetings, allocating time to write a book project i am working on, competing admin, managing a business, photoshoots, events, video shoots, travel with work and even spending time with my family.
Simple things like listening to audio books in the car every day whilst on my way too and from work adds up to around four and a half hours a week of extra education.
We all have 168 hours a week, even the likes of Richard Branson. Even he, with his vast wealth cannot buy anymore time, however I'm sure you would agree he has achieved quite a lot with those hours. If for example we allocate just 30 minutes a day to something whether that be your career or playing an instrument, by the end of the year you would have spent an extra 182 hours on the subject.                                


I have heard two similar stories recently, one about elephants, the other about Houdini.
Firstly, a man was passing a group of elephants, he noticed that all the fully grown elephants where tie up by a small piece of rope around one leg. A piece of rope which, if they wanted to they could easily escape with little force. The man recognised that the gentleman near by was their trainer and asked “why do these elephants not break free?”
The trainer replied by saying “The elephants are tied up with the same size rope when they are young and much smaller. At that age this rope is more than strong enough to prevent them from escaping. As the grow up they are conditioned to believe that the same piece of rope is strong enough to contain them and therefore do not attempt to break free”
The next story is about Houdini, a famous escapologist and believed to be the worlds greatest ever locksmith. Although i am unaware if this story is fact or legend there is still a lesson within. He was once invited here to the UK to try and break free from a supposedly break out secure prison cell. Now Houdini had done this many a time and agreed to the challenge as long as he could wear his street clothes into the cell. Once he was inside the cell he pulled a lock pick from his waist belt and went to work on the lock. After 30 minutes his confidence dwindled, an hour passed and still he was no closer. Then finally after two hours of trying to break this lock, the great houdini collapsed against the door in frustration and defeat. To his surprise the door swung open. The door had never been locked, except inside Houdini’s mind.
Both these stories demonstrate the power of the mind, if we believe something enough it must be true, right?


They say becoming a parent will change you forever, and they are right. Nothing can prepare you for that love and connection you have with that tiny person. You are introduced to a whole new world, a world of pride, love, fear and a whole new concoction  of emotions I never thought possible. Being brought to tears of pride by the simplest of things for one.
This love and connection has grown especially over the last 12 months. I will be honest and admit at first it was love, no doubt, but there was not the connection I saw between mother and baby. There was an urge and want for that bond that seems so special, especially as my wife was breastfeeding I sometimes felt a little on the outside through no fault of anyone. However as my son has grown so has the bond and talking to other men I found that i was not alone in feeling this way. The time with him is so important and I know that in this busy lifestyle we lead full of consumerism it is easy to be distracted by work and even buy him everything he wants, or what i think he wants and needs. 
As the bond has grown and he is now capable of showing his love in return I am incredibly conscious that what he really desires is my time and attention. I look back to what an amazing childhood I had, when times were hard we had some of the best fun because my parents spent a lot of time being creative and spending time with us doing some amazing things. When times were good i was lucky enough to be part of their businesses whether that was helping wait tables in their restaurant or being an extra in a film and attending a night shoot with my dad when he had his film transport company.
This has made realise, my best memories of my child hood are of times spent, not things owned. 
No one says “ I wish Id spent less time with my family and worked more” on their death bed.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

2017 is Underway!

Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

Its been a long time since I've had the time to blog as 2016 was such busy year full of amazing times and great opportunities. I was lucky enough to travel to some fantastic places, including Chicago, Stockholm, Nevada and San Francisco with some amazing people and brands. It was also a huge year for the development of the Lions Barber Collective and I got married to the beautiful Tenneille.

However i am going to try my best to get a weekly blog out from now on. 

With January nearly over the first month of this year has been very good to myself and The Lions Barber Collective. The first day back in Tom Chapman Hair Design we were joined by BBC TV camera crew and we featured on the news talking about our journey so far and our next goal on becoming a charity. This goal we are so close on as we now have our constitution in place and signed and now in the process of getting our bank account and charity registration so things are moving in the right direction.

Then I was asked to open the brand new showcase salon at Exeter College, which as ambassador of the hair dept was a huge honour and privilege. I have never been asked to open something before so I was a little nervous when it came to the day as the principal of the college was in attendance as well as the students, educators and salon owners and giving a speech in front of them all considering my role was very important to me. It was a lovely evening and the new salon, ZEAL, looked fantastic. Its great to see the college moving forward and creating such a fantastic environment for the students to learn in. I am very proud to be part of the Exeter College team and i am looking forward to this years events!

Personally I have a new project i am working on and developing so i have spent two out of the last three Sundays up before sunrise out and about cutting hair on location to get some footage from both your normal camera but also something a little different. There is going to be a few more of these coming up this year so keep your eyes peeled for videos and images coming up throughout 2017. Along with this we have been lucky enough to be featured in magazines both here in the UK and across the Atlantic in Brazil!! Take a look at the images below. Its been a fun few weeks and theres a lot more planned with The Lions heading to London and Dubai in February and I'll be ending February in Canada!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Its been an awful long time since i posted anything on here as I've had an awfully busy year but heres a blog i did after my trip to Chicago earlier this year for the awesome B Groomed Event...I will try to blog a lot more frequently from now on...

I’d be the first to admit it, its been a busy few years for myself and none more than the last 12 months!
I was asked to write this piece about how i manage so many projects, shop ownership and family life by the guys at #HAIRHOUR which is such an honour, firstly because of what they stand for and their credibility. Secondly i feel that they have helped me elevate my career with their support. Through #HAIRHOUR i have been lucky enough to meet some great members of our fantastic industry, network and share my own work too.
It has taken me longer than imagined to get the time to actually sit down and write something, all due to positive things, like they say it all comes along at once and it truly has recently. However i am finally sat here, alone, with time to kill in ORD Airport Chicago so here it goes.
I admit that i do have a lot to do and i have the attitude that if an opportunity arises then you should say “Yes!” as you never know what that may then lead to or who you will meet? However, saying that i have started to find myself in a situation where i do actually have to tell some people that i cannot find the time for whatever they are asking me to do. This is something i have had to learn in the last few months, although very unnatural to myself. This leads me on to one of the most important things that i have learnt on how to manage taking on the amount of work i do.
Time management. It is hands down, no lies the complete key to getting a lot done. It sounds simple, and it is really. We ALL have 168 hours a week, all of us. The biggest thing about those 168 hours is how you spend them. For example, if you do something for 30 minutes a day, by the end of that year you would have spent 182 hours doing it, which is a lot of time, especially when most people work a 40 hour week, just think what you can get done in that time.
My first move was to help myself with time management was to get myself an action day planner, you could use a diary, but they're no where near as effective. The day planner has all the space for your diary as well as goals for the week, to do list, calls and delegation. I will spend 15 minutes a day planning the next day or week and crossing off what has been done. Its a bit like the day before you go on holiday and do a to do list. That last day at work is always the most productive, because you have a plan! Once this was in place and i got into a routine i really  started to notice the difference. I was far more organised than id ever been and i knew where i was heading. I had direction, focus and goals to achieve. 
With this planner i could plan a lot more than one thing at a time. Photoshoots, Salon Sessions, Shows, Education, events etc. Previous to this i would focus on one project like a shoot and nothing else would get done until i had that shoot finished. To make the time to do this I like to get to my salon early, about an hour before opening so i can set everything up ready for the clients and stylist to walk through the door as well as spend that time with my planner, emails and social media. Plus leaving early means the trip takes less time. Its like going to the gym, i go every morning at 5:30am so that i can go because i know i’ll never go after work because… tired, finish too late etc. Because of this i go to bed earlier. I make sure i have a shower with my son when i get back from the gym and have time with the family when i get home. Sometimes i have to schedule in a call or some emails but we always spend Sunday together. It all comes down to time management. I am also lucky to have someone to manage the books for me know, which has again given me more time, along with the amazing support from my parents.
The next step for me was controlling social media etc. There was too much time wasted there! I don't have any help managing that side other than some of the salon staff answering clients requests through the messages. There is a lot to manage, Facebook - Personal, The Lions Barber Collective, Abel Apparel plus any groups like the Salon Sessions etc. Twitter - Personal, Tom Chapman Hair Design and The Lions Barber Collective. Instagram - Personal, The Lions Barber Collective. Plus a couple of other bits like snapchat, youtube etc.
Just imagine how much time that could take up! Some of these have to take priority and some of them are more relative for different content. The most important thing i have done with social media is i limit the time i look at it, by that i mean browse through. I tend to look for specific things and don't watch any videos, unless they are industry related. I tend to post and leave it to do the job, then check back later. Scheduling posts for the week on Pages is also a great way to make sure your page is active without you having to physically do it each day and end up getting sucked in to a video about a funny cat, then the next video, then what your neighbour did today, then what your friend had for dinner etc etc. 
However Social media is a fantastic way to network and be on top of our industry, we are connected by it, learn from it, teach through it and buy from it. The internet is an amazing thing, if used well, just like anything else. If it wasn't for the internet i would not be sat here in Chicago on my way back from a phenomenal week of brand new experiences, networking and new opportunities. Once again time was spent wisely where possible. I arrived wednesday and met everyone, Thursday and Friday we helped set up the show and drove around Chicago picking up final bits and pieces, as well as squeezing in two live radio shows. Saturday morning before the show we got up early to go to FOXNews studios and be on live TV, once again promoting the B-Groomed Expo. Throughout that day we worked the expo on stage and on the Lions Barber Collective stand, it was a great way of meeting some of the best in the USA and networking. Monday Lawrence Fo cut my hair and he took some pictures of me on the streets of Chicago, which we made into a video. We made connections with product companies and even be offered to go to Puerto Rico Mens Fashion week! This morning we got up early for Master Barber Magazine to come in and film us for an interview for their website. So overall we packed in an awful lot within that week in the USA and because of that it opens up more opportunities moving forward.
 I live in Brixham, in Devon. A small fishing town and own a salon in Torquay. Without the internet i would not expect me to be doing what i am today.
Once i had started with the planner and restricting time spent on the internet it freed up time and gave me more direction. I think the Key is to Value your time. Try and spend it on something productive. Just think is what I'm doing going to improve my life or am i just sitting watching endless boxsets every night? IM not saying don't watch a boxset, i do. Sometimes that time IS needed, time to relax and look after your wellbeing. You can look at the time you've got and improve the quality of it by simple things like listening to audio books on the commute to and from work can mean you could learn a lot while spending no extra hours! This gives me insight into management, customer service, motivation, hair industry, midfulness, fitness, literally anything I would like to learn about while taking up no extra time.
Another one of the biggest things is surrounding yourself with good people. We are a product of our environment and the people we spend that time with will effect our life. So surround yourself with kind, driven, generous, motivated, dedicated people and you will be influenced. How many times do we hear people say “they fell into the wrong crowd”. This also applies to how much time we spend with people, prioritise, for me family is so important. I am too lucky to have a supportive wife so that i can go away to be at things like this as we discuss our options and always try to look at the bigger picture, not necessarily the immediate gratification. Its good to look into the future and think what i am doing now may benefit me in the next year, 5 years or 10 years. To be honest i am just ask excited to go home as i was to fly to Chicago, in fact a little more because i know what I'm coming back to!

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

The first week of 2016  in the salon is over already! What a fantastic start to the year already, plans for the upcoming hair event being held at Torquay's Venue nightclub on 1st May 2016 are well underway. As the organiser there is a lot to do but working with such a great team that i have put together assures me that its going to be a huge success! The event is going to be titled HAIR with the theme being the influence of hair through the decades. I have put together a huge team of stylists representing many different places, obviously we'll have the #TCXHD team, Kaboodles (Torquay) , La Lukas team from Sandymans Chop Shop (Exeter), South Devon College (Paignton) and No4 (plymouth) as well as Tim Black in charge of sound and light, Alex small heading up all the videography and media, Jane Molloy as stylist and stage director! Once its all done there will a huge after party in The Loft above the Venue! 
With the proceeds from this event going to local Charity THHN and The Lions Barber Collective its going to be a great night for a great cause!

The Lions Barber Collective and #BarberTalk  have had a great start to the year by being invited to many events such as The Great British Barber Bash and the Schorem event in Manchester as well as salon in London Excel, The Secret Garden Party and even having our own stand at Barber Connect at the celtic Manor in Newport.
Our Collaboration with the fantastic Fit For Vikings, Great British Barber Bash and Barber Connect is a huge honour and goes to show that the industries greatest is truly backing our cause!
As we move forward this year we will be launching our book and hopefully running many fund raising events to help us get our #BarberTalk™ training in place ready for 2017! Ken and Myself have been asked to go and talk at some of our local schools regarding mental health, depression and suicide so this is a huge honour as the kids are 100% of our future and it is so important we help educate them so they can eradicate the stigma around suicide and mental health.
We have many ideas and plans from a Lions Charity Ball to charity football matches and everything in between so keep your eyes peeled for us at hair events, festivals and fund raising opportunities.

Myself i have a few shoots planned with the ever great Rob Grist as we had a meeting just before new year to get some ideas in place. All of which are very exciting and hopefully next level stuff as we hope to enter many competitions and this time take the title!
There are also 6 more dates at Phab Wholesale where i will be education 3 different courses in mens hair, including an editorial day where you will create an image yourself to take away that you can then use to promote yourself and enter into competitions. Contact Phab Wholesale in exeter for more info.
I am also available to do in salon training and have a few dates set already this year so that calendar is starting to fill up! 

I think thats enough for today ;) so i'll leave it there. Please keep an eye out for HAIR Torquay as tickets will be available soon from all salons involved and Phab wholesale :)

Have a Fantastic Sunday!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

Well with "Panic Saturday" out the way we are well and truly on our way to Christmas!! We had a fantastic record breaking day in the salon yesterday and i am extremely proud and honoured to have such a wonderful team around me. Without them nothing is possible. There was some amazing work created and some extremely happy clients which is our mission!
We want to plus the experience and exceed expectations rather than simply satisfy them,  This is the salons Mission Statement which the team have now taken board and really starting to believe this which is great and only a good thing for our clientele and their own personal growth. They all seem really focused on their futures and ready for anything.
I cannot wait to see what comes from 2016!

Last night i also had a lovely night with the best photographer i know, Rob Grist we had a great meal with our better halves at The DevonDumpling, which was fantastic! We discussed plans for shoots for next year and have some amazing ideas in place, some real classic shots in some fabulous locations and some event grade ideas as well as one really big project to take place over the space of the year. Its gonna be fantastic! We do these shoots for ourselves which makes it so much fun because we have creative freedom and no pressure or restraints so i cannot wait to see where we are this time next year!
He also sent over some of the picture from our latest shoot and my mini collection #extempore. I'll put a couple of shots below. 

Tonight is the salons staff do so we are all going to the local Pierre's bistro on the seafront in Torquay, it'll be a quiet one for Tenneille and I as our beautiful boy Abel is coming on his first Staff do! Probably won't be too quiet for him as hell be passed from pillar to post, no doubt!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas as the next time i blog it all be over, which seems crazy! Have a wonderful week, happy wrapping, opening, eating, drinking and be merry!



Sunday, 6 December 2015

It's been a while...

Hello to our fantastic followers, fashionistas, hair fanatics and everyone in-between!

Well its been a mad few weeks with many miles covered and a many a hair cut since i last typed a blog. Its a shame but I've have all been so busy I haven't had a chance to catch up until now.

I just checked the date of the last blog and  it was the 27th September. Since then i have competed in the finals of two national hair finals in London and Liverpool, been onstage demonstrating infront of 600 people, had our first live event as The Lions Barber Collective, done two photoshoots, been interviewed for Torquay United, Metro, BBC radio Devon, Newstalk Radio Ireland, Exeter University Radio, Featured on LadBible, and Huffington Post, travelling to Dublin for meetings with the CEO's of both Pieta House and PAPYRUS as well as meeting the amazing Jonny Benjamin (channel four documentary The Stranger On The Bridge) and had the birth of our beautiful baby boy Abel Elias August Chapman on 22nd October at 6:27am. Amongst other as you can see we have been really busy.

If you want to support The Lions Barber Collective the shirt are also available HERE!!!

I thought id just get this down in a quick blog and leave all the links be low so if any one is interested at our progress with The Lions Barber Collective they can can catch up here.

Newstalk LIVE Radio Interview
Torquay United Video Interview 
METRO Video Interview
Huffington Post
The LAD Bible

There is also an OPEN CHALLENGE to anyone brave enough to take this on The #dontbealemonbealion challenge...Take a look at The Lions Barber Collective Facebook for more info on that and how to donate to PAPYRUS

 DON'T FORGET TO DONATE £2.00 .......txt Lions78 to 70070

Speak to you all soon!